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Thursday, January 20, 2011

How Canadian guys (and other guys too) keep warm in winter - THE TOQUE

Errol Kerr (born April 12, 1986 in Truckee, California) is a downhill skier formerly with the U.S. Ski Team
Canadian Atheletes
Unknown toque wearer
David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990 in Miami, Florida) is an American pop singer-songwriter.
Eric Willett was born and raised right next door to Breckenridge. Age: 22. A snowboarder.

Erik Schinegger (born 19 June 1948 in Agsdorf, Carinthia, and raised as a girl.) is an Austrian intersexual skier. He was the world champion women's downhill skier in 1966, at which time he was recognized as female and known as Erika Schinegger. In 1967, as he was preparing for the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble, a medical test by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) determined that Schinegger was male, with internal male sex organs, and disqualified him. Schinegger ultimately decided to live as a man and transitioned, undergoing medical treatment and changing his name to Erik. He married and became a father.

In Canada, toque, or tuque (play /ˈtuːk/), is the common name for a knit winter hat. The Canadian English term was assimilated from Canadian French tuque. Toque first appeared in writing around 1870.

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